Terms of Use

General position

The order and payment for the service (full or partial) is an act of unconditional acceptance by the customer of these terms of the provision and use of frosbyte.org services in full.

- 1 The user of website protection / protection of tcp / udp services / secure vps is prohibited:

  • Post and / or distribute information that violates the requirements of the laws of Poland, Germany, England, the United States, and including materials fully or partially protected by copyright (without the appropriate permission of the copyright holder), deception schemes, pornographic materials, materials that can provoke ethnic conflicts.
  • Use torrent in any form, scan other Internet nodes for vulnerabilities and open ports, without obtaining the consent of the owners of the Network node and / or carry out activities aimed at hacking or hindering the operation of other Network nodes;
  • Post and / or distribute any software that could harm the software or hardware of third parties, and information about it (full or partial source codes, download links);
  • Use software that contains errors and inaccuracies that can lead to incorrect functioning of the frosbyte.org software and hardware complex and / or software that creates an excessively high load on the hosting provider's services. In case of excessive consumption of resources by your projects, you will be asked to switch to a more expensive tariff plan;
  • Use website protection / protection of tcp / udp services / secure vps from frosbyte.org to host doorways, cheat programs or to transit traffic from third-party servers (for example, hosting web-proxy);
  • Carry out mass emails without the consent of the recipients (spam);
  • Use the services of third-party spam distribution services or distribute advertising materials on sites where it is prohibited by the rules, indicating sites located on the frosbyte.org technology site;

  • - 2 Traffic on the REVERSE tariff plans (website protection), VPS (secure vps) is not strictly limited. However, if your resource generates an abnormally large amount of traffic (for example, hosting file hosting services), we will be forced to activate limits for you.

    - 3 Very high load limits are set on all tariff plans, which make it possible to easily place even large sites at minimal tariffs. However, if for some reason your site exceeds the load limits of your tariff, and this poses a threat to the stable operation of server hardware, you will be asked to switch to a tariff plan with a higher cost. Or, in the event of a too powerful attack, which we are not able to repel, you will be denied service with a refund, the return conditions are described below. Limits on attacks are indicative values ​​in bits per second (bps) and packets per second (pps), which guarantee the protection of a project using the appropriate tariff plan - it will be necessary to switch to a higher cost tariff if at some point in the attack Your project will be exceeded by any of the specified limits (switching to a more expensive tariff for a period of 1 month minimum, after which, at the request of the client, the tariff can be rolled back to the previous one that was used earlier, until the limits for attacks are re-exceeded). Refusal to switch to a more expensive tariff plan in accordance with the attack parameters recorded by us is similar to the refusal to use the services of frosbyte.org.

    - 4 If we are unable to repulse the attack on your projects or if there are other objective reasons (including due to equipment malfunction that caused the unavailability of customer services), you can request a return of unspent funds from the balance. Decisions on the return / refusal to return funds are taken by the administration individually. Only relevant for the following services: website protection, protection of TCP / UDP services.

    - 5 Any complaints and claims are sent to the client by e-mail, specified during registration, in the form of warnings. Disconnection of the client's services is possible if the administration's requirements are not eliminated within 24 hours.

    - 6 We reserve the right to refuse service to the client, stating the reason and not refunding the funds.

    - 7 We reserve the right to change these terms of use without the consent and notification of the client.

    - 8 We are not responsible for the resources posted on our site.

    - 9 It is forbidden to use frosbyte.org services for the purpose of their resale.