Ensure the security of your business

An easy to connect and use cloud solution for detecting, mitigating and filtering all types of DDoS attacks, unwanted bots and content parsers.

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Individual and flexible approach is our main advantage


Comprehensive multi-level filtering of all types of attacks. Trust us and forget about moving, downtime due to attacks.


Unlike many vendor solutions, we have not only “dry” documentation, but also live technical support.


We offer the lowest prices in the market. We contribute to the security of the Internet by providing protection for free.

Geo-distributed protection against DDoS attacks

Our equipment is located in the best and most reliable data centers in the world. The main filtration points are in Poland, Germany, England and the USA. The total capacity of the filtration system is more than 1 Tbps.


The scope of protection against DDoS attacks requires constant adaptation to rapidly changing market trends. Our team "holds the hand" on the pulse.


Thanks to intelligent methods of dealing with HTTP/HTTPS DDoS, bots that simulate a full-fledged browser will not be able to get to your site.


A technology that allows us to analyze and filter HTTPS traffic without providing encryption keys on the client side.


Protection always works. At any time, the attack will be filtered out instantly without human intervention.


Our caching and fast delivery service for frequently requested static content. The load on the destination server is reduced and the site loading speed is increased.

We can protect any business

Our protection is adapted to work with CMS and scripts:

  • Online Stores
  • Financial projects
  • Media and blogs

  • Popular aggregators of payment systems have already been added to the white list and are automatically skipped by the system.
    We make personalized filtering rules for the needs of each client.
    We respect and guarantee the anonymity customers.
    Cryptocurrency payment available.


    Each task has its own optimal solution.
    We offer protection solutions for projects of different levels.

    Website Protection

    from $0/month

    • Protection against DDoS attacks
    • Connect in 10 minutes
    • Caching
    • Unlimited traffic
    • 24/7 Tech Support

    TCP/UDP Protection

    from $25/month

    • Protection against DDoS attacks
    • IPIP connection
    • Game AntiDDoS (upon request)
    • Unlimited traffic
    • 24/7 Tech Support

    Protected VPS

    from $7/month

    • Protection against DDoS attacks
    • Full server access
    • Variety of configurations
    • Unlimited traffic
    • 24/7 Tech Support